Solitude One, offering the one of the best liveaboard experiences to some of the best dive locations in the world, such as, Palau, Tubbataha, Anilao, Romblon, Verde, Ticao, Malapascua, Leyte, Surigao. As well as unique custom trips for charterd trips - Solitude

Solitude One is our flagship liveaboard, a 52m steel-hulled, ex-research vessel, making her one of the most seaworthy liveaboards around.

Refurbished to take you to some of the best dive sites in the world which would otherwise be inaccessible by land, or even by some liveaboards.

Discover the best diving of Palau & The Deep South (Helen Reef & Merir Cave). When we're not in Palau, we're sailing around the best diving locations in the Philippines, such as Tubbataha, Verde, Romblon, Ticao, Malapascua, Southern Leyte...

Not to mention our exploration trips and our unique cross-border cruise from Palau to Tubbataha.

Experience the Best Diving in Indonesia. Solitude Adventurer our Luxury Catamaran Liveaboard takes you in unparalelled comfort to the best diving in indonesia. Discover the Best Diving in Raja Ampat. The Best Diving in Komodo. Diving in Forgotten Islands. Diving in Banda. Diving in Ambon. Diving in Alor. Diving in Maumere. Diving in Misool. The best dive locations in Indonesia. Liveaboard in Asia - Solitude

Solitude Adventurer our 36m aluminium-hulled vessel began operation at the end of 2018.

One of the benefits of being the only catamaran liveaboard in Indonesia is space. By far she is one of the most comfortable and spacious liveaboards around.

Join us as we venture to some of the best diving in Indonesia. We'll take you to the top dive sites in Raja Ampat, Misool & Komodo. When we're not in these locations we're running trips around the Forgotten Islands, Banda, Ambon, Alor, Maumere and more...

Anilao - Philippines - Macro Capital - Experience some of the best macro diving in the world - best dive location in the world - luxury resort - boutique resort - Diving near manilla - Solitude

Opening October 2019

Solitude Acacia Resort is the latest addition to the family. Set in Anilao, one of the best diving destinations in the Philippines - renowned for its exceptional macro diving that rivals the likes of Lembeh in terms of the sheer number of rare critters that can be found. In particular, Anilao is regarded as the best location for nudibranchs.

Though it's not just macro, we are able to run day trips the pristine reefs of Verde Islands, which offers stunning coral walls, pelagics such as Thresher Sharks. There is something for everyone in Anilao and it's only a couple of hours away from Manila Airport.

Lembeh - Experience the Best Macro diving in the world - Best diving destinations in the world - Luxury Resort - Boutique Dive Resort - Lembeh Strait - Macro Diving - Critters

Solitude Lembeh Resort, set in vibrant tropical gardens perched right above the water’s edge, Solitude Lembeh directly overlooks the water and faces Pulau Lembeh, which lies just across the Strait. The resort is designed to ensure guests enjoy the intimate exclusivity and privacy of the natural landscape.

Discover why Lembeh is revered as the 'Macro Capital' or 'The Mecca of Muck Diving.' Overall one of the top diving destinations in the world, this reputation, for the most part, is a result of all the rare critters that can be found.

The Solitude Team

“Each staff member of Solitude Liveaboards and Resorts is our greatest asset. A team that has a personal R.E.A.L (Reliability, Efficiency, Accountability & Leadership) ethos and delivers in our guests hospitality endeavours”

Andrew Lok

Managing Director, Co-Founder

Our focus on our guests’ overall experience begins with our crew, as they are the ones who have learnt to anticipate your needs before it even becomes as such. From the frequently seen to the unseen crew, all of them play an important role to ensure that everything runs like a well-oiled engine for our guests. We constantly strive to improve collectively as a team, using the simple way of just keeping it true to our Solitude way – Hospitality starts from the heart combined, common sense and keeping it R.E.A.L.

The Solitude Standard

Solitude is about redefining hospitality and professionalism in world-class diving destinations, and it is for this reason that we are proud to welcome back many of our guests. Now with more destinations and thereby more options to discover along with the same Solitude standard, we offer rewards to our repeating guests (see image below).

With 2 liveaboards and 2 resorts in some of the best diving destinations in the world, it can be difficult to choose which to go to. If you're unsure which locations is the best for you, feel free to contacts us on [email protected]

Returning Guets Privileges - The best scuba diving locations in the world - Palau - Philippines - Tubbataha - Anilao - Verde - Romblon - Ticao - Malapascua - Leyte - Surigao - Indonesia - Raja Ampat - Banda - Forgotten Islands - Ambon - Komodo - Labuan Bajo - Experience some of the best liveaboard diving in the world - from Manta rays - Whale Sharks - hammerhead sharks - thresher sharks - macro - supermacro - tiger sharks - and more

Liveaboard & Resort Statistics

Here are some important facts about our two liveaboards and two resorts. For even more information, please head to the individual links above.

Solitude One Liveaboard

Rebuilt from a merchant vessel, the MV Solitude One is 52m long (171 ft) and sets new standards when it comes to hospitality and professionalism. With our clients in mind, the vessel marries luxurious design and layout with the functionality and comforts that are close to home.

  • 10 spacious cabins, all with en-suite showers.
  • Safe deposit boxes, bath robes, hair dryers, bath and face towels, bath and shampoo gels provided.
  • Spacious dive deck, with adequate space to accommodate up to 30 divers – scuba equipment, accessories, gear and all.

Visit Solitude One for more details.

Solitude Adventurer Liveaboard

MV Solitude Adventurer is 36m (118ft) long and 12m (39ft) wide. This luxury catamaran was conceived and custom-built by Austal in Australia and was originally launched as a family yacht in celebration of the millennium for a very prominent family in Singapore.

  • Eight spacious cabins to accommodate 18 guests on the vessel.
  • Safe deposit boxes, hair dryers, bath and face towels, bath and shampoo gels provided.
  • Gear up and dive into the deep in Indonesia’s natural gems, the Banda Sea and Raja Ampat.
  • Get familiar with Komodo’s most iconic dive sites, including Batu Bolong and Manta Alley, before setting off towards the Forgotten Islands.

Visit Solitude Adventurer for more details.

Solitude Lembeh Resort

Set in vibrant tropical gardens perched right above the water’s edge, the resort directly overlooks the water and faces Lembeh Island, which lies just across the Straits. The resort ensures guests enjoy the intimate exclusivity and privacy of the natural landscape.

  • Eight Garden-View Villas with pool and partial ocean views.
  • Two Seafront Villas with a full ocean view.
  • Eight Deluxe Rooms (2 wheelchair accessible)
  • Rooms equipped with air-conditioning, fans, hot and cold water showers, personal safes, hairdryers, mini-fridges.
  • Digital room for the photographers.
  • More than 30 dive sites of the Lembeh Strait are quickly reached from our centrally located resort and high powered boats.

Visit Solitude Lembeh Resort for more details.

Solitude Acacia Resort

Located in Anilao, Philippines. Solitude Acacia is set to open in the first quarter of 2020,

It'll be equipped with

  • 15 Deluxe Rooms
  • 6 Sea-View Deluxe Rooms
  • 4 Sea-View Suite Rooms
  • Rooms equipped with air-conditioning, fans, hot and cold water showers, personal safes, hairdryers, mini-fridges.

About Us

Solitude Liveaboards & Resorts take hospitality to new horizons. Now both land and sea-based, our guests can choose their own unforgettable adventures in Palau, Philippines and Indonesia! With our three simple but key ethos, we can be great hosts to our guests.


We endeavour to provide our guests the feel and ambience of being pampered in surroundings where they feel as if they are part of the family. Modern living comforts with space to spread-out and find your own cozy privacy if desired, our properties and vessels are designed tastefully to balance use and practicality to maximise your enjoyment and relaxation.


Our belief in good communication is one of the core ethos to winning the confidence and trust of our guests, staff and crew. For our guests, it starts from the first point of contact in their inquries to the final preparation before making their journey to one of our liveaboards or resorts. The emphasis of good communication is cascaded from the moment our team receives our guests to bidding farewell. Throughout their stay, we endeavour ourselves to anticipate their needs, solving inconveniences (major or minor) as that may arise as soon as possible, and providing a listening ear for constructive feedback for further improvements. These are what we believe are the traits of being excellent hosts.


Safety is paramount in Solitude’s way of life in work and play. It starts from the day we conceptualize and build our vessels and resorts by ensuring they are equipped with the right instruments, equipment, systems, and processes. Education and training for our Solitude team are also regularly conducted to keep them current with first aid and rescue skills. Local environment knowledge such as sea states and currents are also important which are accumulated through our own extended tenure in the places we operate in, using our own extensive experiences, and engaging experienced locals if required when we conduct exploratory expeditions.

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