Anilao vs Lembeh Shootout

8th - 15th December 2020


A Rumble in the Ocean... Join our Lembeh or Anilao team to help determine which destination will carry the title of the 'Macro Capital'

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Team Solitude Lembeh

Team Solitude Acacia

Anilao vs Lembeh Photo Competition. Anilao Shootout. Photography.

Marcello Di Francesco

Solitude Lembeh Team Captain
Probably you heard the name Marcello Di Francesco already when you follow prestigious UW photo contests like the Sony Awards or UPY in London. Marcello, born 1975 in La Spezia, is a well known Italian photographer, Scuba Instructor and he has dedicated the last 10 years of his life to underwater imagery. Today he is also a judge of the national Italian Underwater Photography Championship and gets invited to join national and international juries in several underwater photography contests. So, he knows both sides of competing with his images and deciding which images should win competitions. Together with other top Italian photographers, he founded in 2014 the IUPS (Italian Underwater Photography Society), similar to the BSOUP in the UK. His work regularly gets published in national and international magazines like Tauchen, EZdive, Asian Diver and many others, additionally, he is a Nauticam and Aqualung Brand Ambassador. In 2017 he volunteered to join Sea Shepherd, an international non-profit organization, which works to ensure the survival of the delicate biodiversity of ocean ecosystems for future generations. Our collaboration with Marcello is a strong signal that our resort is keen to follow strict rules when it comes to encounters with marine wildlife. But besides all of that and most importantly he is a very kind, easy-going, guy. He likes sharing his knowledge and passion for underwater photography with others and that is why we asked him to be our team captain for the shootout. We strongly believe he will be a great benefit for our team.
Anilao vs Lembeh Photo Competition. Anilao Shootout. Photography.

William Tan

Solitude Acacia Team Captain
William Tan has been fascinated with the creatures of the sea since childhood. While studying at the Johns Hopkins University (USA), much of his spare time was spent gazing at the extensive marine collection of the nearby National Aquarium in Baltimore William is most noted for his work in Blackwater and Bonfire diving, having been dubbed before as 'The Master of the Dark'. He is also a violinist with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, William earned his scuba diving certification in 1994. Thereafter, without his prized antique Italian violin, he travels extensively between concert seasons throughout the Pacific region photographing marine life for scientific institutions, camera and housing manufacturers, tourism organizations, dive magazines and resorts. William works closely with Canon Singapore and is generously sponsored by Fourth Element Equipment for Adventure, Fun-In Underwater Photo Equipment, Nauticam International Limited, RGBlue Underwater Lighting System, and Scubalamp Underwater Photography Equipment.

Patrick Neumann

General Manager & Team Assistant for Solitude Lembeh
Patrick is the Resort Manager and also the Photo Pro of Solitude Lembeh Resort. He has experience in professional underwater imaging for almost 15 years, won several national and international competitions and contribute to magazines on a regular basis. Patrick will assist Marcello and his team with presentations, tips & tricks and ideas on how to photograph the Critters to produce a winning image. He and his team will provide every help the photographers need including information on the current wildlife being at the strait.

Pernilla Sjöö

General Manager & Team Assistant for Solitude Acacia
Pernilla is the General Manager for Solitude Acacia Resort. Having spent 5 years living and travelling around the Philippines she has a strong understanding of the marine life of the country and can provide useful insight and information into their behaviors and how to best approach certain subjects for the ideal photograph. Pernilla is also an avid underwater photographer and this passion has taken her to the far and remote reaches of the planet. Along with William Tan, she will help provide you with important information in regards to the competition, but also ensure your entire stay is an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

More Info

Lembeh and Anilao, often compared as the two ‘Critter Capitals’ and is often disputed on which should rightfully hold the title. Now we want to find out which destination will come out on top and claim the title for 2020.

For that reason, we invited 4 renowned photographers as team captains to 4 resorts and we battle in a friendly manner for the title during a live shootout.

Everyone is invited to join one of the teams in Lembeh with NAD Lembeh or Solitude Lembeh Resort, or our friends in Anilao with Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort or Solitude Acacia Resort.

Wetpixel will monitor, publish and judge the whole event with staff posted at each venue to aid in the live coverage as well as ensure all standards and rules are maintained.

The team captains for Solitude are Marcello Di Francesco in Solitude Lembeh; and William Tan in Solitude Acacia. 

If you are interested to participate in this event, just book a room with us and you can benefit from their expertise, advice and knowledge. All is not that serious as it sounds, it´s more a meet and greet and lot of talk about photography. But you can also win fantastic prizes and glory.

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But of course, the most important aspect is the wonderful underwater critters! We have strict rules in regards to manipulation such as no touching, arranging and moving these delicate animals or their habitat. If we observe a breach in appropriate conduct and harassment of marine life, then bans and disqualification will be the result for that individual.

The event will be held from the 08th – 15th December 2020 but you can, of course, arrive some days in advance, the resorts will be blocked from the 4th December on for participants and their relatives.

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